Before you buy ~Pre-purchase Suggestions

Have "your vet" or a vet in the area do a vet check  (Pre-purchase exam) any seller shouldn't have a problem with this.  Have the seller guarantee soundness at time of sale.  
Insure horse has had all vaccines to include: Rabies, 4 way, West Nile and a current Coggins.  You need to see a record in writing with a vet signature!  Ask if the horse has been ill or exposed to an ill horse in the last 30 days.

Do a few simple tests before you buy:
1. Saddle and bit the horse yourself.   Remove the bridle and put it on again.
2. Pick up all 4 feet!  and walk around the horse.
3. Mount the horse alone - don't let anyone hold it while you get on.  Walk, Trot and canter the horse several times.  TIE the horse to a fence and walk away for several mins.
4. Unsaddle the horse and pick up feet again.  Run your hands along the horses legs and back checking for reaction or any abnormal lumps bumps.   
5. Load and unload the horse 2 times.
6.  Have the owner ride the horse before you!  
7.  If you have your own saddle take it with you.
8.  Ask someone to walk and trot the horse in hand.  This will allow you to see the way the horse moves.
9.  See if the horse moves away from pressure.  Backs.  Ask what, if any, training the horse has had.  Ask if the horse will cross water or if he is traffic safe.
10.  ASK if the horse is sound. ASK when the horse had his teeth floated last.  ASK if he cribs, kicks, is barn sour or herd bound, or if the horse has any other vices.  ASK if the horse can be kept at the owners home for a week with you having riding rights and first right of refusal for purchase.  
11.  Get to know the horse you are buying - if possible take the horse on a ride away from the barn by himself to see if he is buddy or barn sour and willing to do what is asked of him on the trail.  Think safety - wear a helmet, carry a cell phone and have someone aware of where you are near by.
***If you don't ask some sellers may not tell you***
Remember If you purchase a horse from anyone it is your responsibility as a horse owner to ride your horse and work with it or you may end up with issues. AGAIN all horses are different. A good horse person once said - "If you sat on a couch for 6 months eating potato chips then someone asked you to get up and run a half mile you may not be all that happy doing it."  A field of grass and no saddle is a lot like that couch and bag of chips! The key to keeping a good horse is to be a active horse owner.
Do not buy your first horse from a auction...especially if you are not familiar with the seller...
Do not pay more then $5,000 for a horse you do not intend to show or event with .  You can buy a wonderful family/trail/all around horse for between $2,500 and $5,000.  Remember you get what you pay for - as my grandmother always says...  Its a good idea to ask why the horse is priced as it is.
I agree to all of the above with every horse I sell - any seller should.    
Good luck horse hunting!

"Finding the right horse is like finding the right husband - they all have their issues you just have to choose the issues you can live with and learn to love!
Our policy:  Any potential buyer is encouraged to spend as much time as possible with a horse they may be considering buying.  Horses are not permitted to leave our property for trial period due to liability reasons.  We also support pre-purchase exams.  We do not take responsibility for inactive horse ownership that results in future problems with your horse.  We will do anything we can to make sure you are comfortable during your visits, and answer any questions.  - we take our reputation for excellent horses seriously.  We hope you find a life long companion and friend in your new horse.  Take your time and make it  make it fun!

Directions to Full Moon Ranch home of Pony To Go
1691 Swimley Road, Berryville VA  22611
Directions from I81
Take the Brucetown/Clearbrook Exit 321 
Coming S make a left off exit/ Coming N make a right
Cross RR tracks and make a left at the T onto Rt 11N
Make your next right onto Brucetown Road
Take Brucetown Road approx 3 miles to one lane bridge on the right.
Cross bridge and make a left onto Swimley Road
Take Swimley approx 1 and ½ mile and you will see the ranch on the right
Gray and red barns
Directions from Rt 7
Make a right at light across from Triple J gas station light  Crums Church Road
Take Crums Church until it T's at Old Charlestown
Make a right onto Old Charlestown Road and make first left onto Swimley Road
Follow Swimley for approx 2 miles and our ranch will be on the left

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Selling Trail Horses and Family Ponies

"Hancock's Paniolo Moon"
Blue Roan Colt
$3800.00 Firm PTG
4 year old King Ranch Gelding Scooter has been started Roping and has an excellent handle.
In Memory of "Star Stone Handcock"
Photo Credit: Lauren R. Giannini

~ We love to help good horses find good homes ~ 

At our farm we believe in the values of safety, honesty and friendship

Email Jennifer @

Horses and Ponies For Sale
Trail, Roping, Western and English
Born 18 June 2015
  Miniature Horse.
Colt with Blue Eyes - $1000.00

"Brandy's Starry Moon"
Don't miss out on this all around Family Horse.  She is a Quiet, Easy keeper with a good temperament. .  14'2 Hand, Twelve Year Old Paint Currently using for Pony Parties and Trail rides
Call for Pricing  540-955-5636
FANTASTIC trail horse with sweet personality! $1800.00
​"Cocoa Bean"
"Vatara" is a Black Walking/Racking Horse Cross, 8 Year Old Mare.  
"A racking horse gait is a four-beat intermediate-speed gait. The horses' back never moves. There is bob in the head. A Racking horse has walk, two racking speeds, and canter."  
She is being used now as an out rider horse. Excellent temperament, quiet.   
 Advanced beginner, intermediate rider. She loves the trails, sweet and willing - She can go all day!   100% Sound. 
 Available for Sale $3400.00.

Click Above Images to Enlarge
"Echos King Buck"
29" DNA Tested
Buckskin Reg. # A121483
Going back to "Little Kings Buck Echo"
Mini Bits Echos King Buck 
Buckskin Reg. # A121483
 is a proven stallion that has sired 10 foals.  
All foals 29"and under.  I am changing bloodlines. 
(at no fault to Echo :) DOB 4/21/01
He is has a great temperament and handles well.

to learn more about the lineage of the King bloodlines.
Sweet, Sweet blue eyed paint mare!  First one to you in the field.  14 years old, sound and quiet natured.  Would be a great beginner horse.  She trail rides and lead line.