"How do I book a party?"  Call us at 540-955-5636 - Because the ranch sometimes keeps us outside away from the phone - Send your party request to our email address at ponytogo6@yahoo.com and include:
Your name - telephone # - requested date and time - address of party and the ages of your birthday guest.
We will then answer as quickly as possible, most of the time with in 2 business days.  
"Party Prices"  We keep our prices as low as possible and guarantee that we will beat anyone's one pony party price (before travel fees).  Our prices are based on location of the party and travel time from our ranch.  Even though we are usually at your party for an hour, there are many hours of prep time involved so that you can have 
"The Best Party in Town!" Remember, you get what you pay for.  If you would like our services and find a cheaper company, please feel free to call, in most cases we will beat our competitors prices.
What type of events do you do? 
Birthdays ~ Reunions ~ Celebrations ~ Senior Citizen Homes ~ Corporate Outings ~ Weddings
Private * Film * Promotional Showings by "Aladdin" the Camel
Safari Theme Parties with Exotic Animals! ~ School Functions ~ Classroom Programs ~ Festivals ~ 
Stage Productions ~ Camp Programs ~ Fund Raisers and MORE!   If you can imagine it we can make it happen!
We have set up for crowds from as small as 50 to as events and fairs with more than 90,000 attending people.  No matter how small or large we can make any event special!

"What if it rains or the weather is bad?"  I am a mother too - so I understand, and leave that up to you, the parent. 
Our staff and animals are prepared for all types of weather.   If you feel the weather is too bad to have the party, 
we require that you call 24 hours before your party time for a refundable deposit.  At any time, after 24 hours, you are welcome to reschedule and the $50 will be applied to your new booking. We make every effort to be there, even in bad weather. We can always substitute the Petting Zoo for ponies and set it up in a garage.  We've even done living rooms!
In the winter, there are times when we are unable to drive the truck and trailer safely.  At these times we would need to reschedule and apologize.  Safety is very important to us both for your family and our animals.
"How long does it take to set up?  Is it included in my hour?"
The ponies are ready to go when we arrive.  Depending on how far we have to carry zoo animals, is how long it takes to set up.  Your party starts when the first ride starts or the first animal is being cuddled and loved.  If we are late due to traffic or other uncontrollable reasons, you will still get an entire hour of entertainment.

"I haven't received a booking form!"  We are sending all booking forms via email in an attached PDF for you to print out and return to us with you deposit.  If we have given you a verbal and email confirmation, you are on the calendar - rest assure we will be there.  If we haven't received your booking form at our office, we will call ahead to confirm your party details.  We usually do not call you after we have made the booking until 2 days before the party.  If you do not send a deposit within 2 weeks of booking your booking may be lost.  We will call if space is limited to let you know we must take a waiting party.  
"Who takes care of clean up?"  I like to say our ponies are "trailer trained" - but they do have accidents.  We carry waste removal equipment and are always respectful of the homeowners property.  
"Where do the pony rides happen and how much space do we need?"  Almost any backyard will work.  If you feel more comfortable we can use a cu-de-sac or side walk.  In wet weather hoof prints may be left behind but, again we are respectful of the property and homeowner.  We try not to repeat the same route to reduce wear on the grass. 
Any front yard, sidewalk, court, parking lot, or side yard will work!  Our animals have gone up and down elevators... steps... high rises and school hallways!  Some of the craziest places.  We do ask though you please let us know if steps or other obstacles are involved.  We have different ponies for different situations (all cute though!).

"Can we feed the animals treats?" We do not allow feeding of our ponies.  We do suggest large carrots for the petting zoo animals to keep hands a safe distance away. 
"How many children do you recommend per pony?"  For the children to have at least 2 rides each,  I have found up to 10 children per pony works best.  The petting zoo, face painting or one of the party ideas work well to keep eager riders entertained.
"Do you carry insurance?"  Yes we do.  If you would like to have the party in a park you may need to fill out the proper paperwork ahead of time.  You also may then request a copy of our policy for park pre-approval.
If necessary, customers may become additionally insured for the day of their event.  This service is available for a $125.00 fee, charged to us by our Insurance company.  For copies of our insurance there is a $75.00 charge our insurance company charges.  We voluntarily comply with USDA Federal requirements and standards for animal health, care and safety.  
"What about party rules?" We ask that none of the petting zoo animals are picked up. If you have towels or blankets for the children's laps that is a great addition.  We do have blankets when requested.  Our horses are very use to children, toys and decorations involved in parties, however preparation is best.  Let the guests know before the animals arrive some party basics - 
Do not run up to or around the ponies - don't throw or swing objects around the animals - Keep loud noises to a minimum (no balloon popping games) - Keep pets inside when possible (many pets have never experienced this environment before).  Again I want to say - don't worry!  Being safe is best and thinking ahead can avoid any accidents.
"Hand Washing?" - We recommend a small hand washing station with wet wipes and a Purell bottle.  We do provide purell hand sanitizers.

"What time will you arrive?'  We plan to allow 20 extra min's for travel based on mapquest.   Please when you send your booking form include any land marks or details that may help us find your location.  We strive to arrive on time.  Our set up time is approx.. 5 min for pony rides only and 15 min's. for parties without a moonbounce.  We stay for the full hour of riding time.  I do need to note  - sometimes things unexpected happen... a flat trailer tire,  a mapquest detour... and as we all know DC traffic.   Have a back up plan if for any reason we are delayed.  Don't panic, we will be there, very very sorry for any delays.  In the 10 years of business this is the one problem we do our best to avoid and often can't control (I have to say the most stressful part is being delayed when we know you have guests waiting!).    
If for some reason we are running late we will call to give you notice of our arrival time.
"What is the best age to have a pony party?"  Any age from 2 to 9 but we do offer larger ponies for children over 9 and horses for the "big kids" no age limit here!  Just make sure to let us know the largest child's age so we bring a pony that fits and they don't get left out.
What is the policy on tipping?  We strive to provide professional top quality service and memories that will forever be part of your family.  If you feel our staff went above your expectations tips are appreciated. "Tipping is appreciated but never expected..." Our business survives and grows from your referrals and feedback.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your celebration.

Where can we find places pony to go will be open to the public?  I do my best to keep up with the website, facebook and www.fullmoonfieldfestival.com . So please check the different sites to see what is the latest activity we are doing or place we will be.  We love to see customers we have shared a birthday with at the Thomas the Tank event in B&O Rail Road every year!  http://www.borail.org/dowt.aspx

What is the cost for travel?  We charge $1.00  a mile round trip.  Just enter your address 
in the from field on Mapquest.  

Credit Card Policy 
We do accept all major credit cards with a 4% convenience fee for amounts over $100.
A ​Deposit of $100 at time of booking secures your requested event date.  
(When paid by Credit Card a $5.00 C.F. is applied)

I'm sure there are a million other questions, don't hesitate to email me if I haven't covered something.
A note about phone calls... Please leave a message and calls will be returned 
within the next 3 to 4 business days. Email us for prompt answers 
***It is recommended you book your party 6 to 8 weeks in advance to secure a specific date***
The earlier you call the better!

How to get to Full Moon Ranch home of Pony To Go

Directions from I81
Take the Brucetown/Clearbrook Exit 321 
Coming S make a left off exit/ Coming N make a right
Cross RR tracks and make a left at the T onto Rt 11N
Make your next right onto Brucetown Road
Take Brucetown Road approx 3 miles to one lane bridge on the right.
Cross bridge and make a left onto Swimley Road
Take Swimley approx 1 and ½ mile and you will see the ranch on the right
Directions from Rt 7
Make a right at light across from Triple J gas station light  Crums Church Road
Take Crums Church until it T's at Old Charlestown
Make a right onto Old Charlestown Road and make first left onto Swimley Road
Follow Swimley for approx 2 miles and our ranch will be on the left gray and red barns.

Approx. 40 min drive from Leesburg, VA
25 min. from Martinsburg, WV
15 min. from Winchester, VA

Frequently Asked Questions

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Berryville , VA 22611
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