Kids LOVE having animals visit their home! (Big Kids too)
It's a great way to entertain anxious riders while they wait for their turn to ride the pony!
We have found the petting zoo is a wonderful (educational!) idea by its self.  
Especially for the 2 to 5 age group!  
We do not skimp on the # of animals we bring - we make you go WOW!
Let us add some sunshine to your party!

"Mr Peeps"
One of our farm alarm clocks!
We have wonderful kid friendly, unique breeds of fowl - my personal favorites the Bannies & Silky's.  We have Coachin,
 Frizzle, Quail, Rouan Ducks & Swedish Ducks, Call Ducks, Peacocks and more!
A note to parents ~ Our staff asks that the animals aren't picked up, just fed and touched.  
We encourage parents to have some carrots on hand for animal treats. 
We do provide hand sanitizing stations 
 It is important  to have anti-bacterial wipes available for your guests once they've finished 
and headed for another activity or snack.  
Our animals are vet checked, vaccinated and kept in a clean safe environment 
 We also carry health inspection certificate for animals upon request.
We do not have exotic animals that require special permit.
If it looks like rain please as about tent rental or our inside option!

Petting Zoo's for all Events and Occasions
  Birthdays ~ Reunions ~ Celebrations ~ Senior Citizen Homes ~ Corporate Outings ~ Weddings
Private * Film * Promotional Showings by "Aladdin" the Camel
Safari Theme Parties with Exotic Animals! ~ School Functions ~ Classroom Programs ~ Festivals ~ 
Stage Productions ~ Camp Programs ~ Fund Raisers and MORE! If you can imagine it we can make it happen!

We bring 10/12  animals to a small petting zoo and 13/15 for the large petting zoo
Spring brings baby potbelly pigs!

Llama and Alpaca are timid and gentle.  
They will eat from your hand,
   but are shy to the touch.  
Best for children over 4.  
Part of the Large Petting Zoo.

Click Here for Llama info!...

Blue-tongued skink
What is that???
Click here for more info!
more bunny info
 Breeds of Rabbits we have: 
Angora, Satin, Dutch, New Zealand, Lionhead, Mini Rex (the "Velveteen Rabbit"),Giant Flemish, Holland Lop, Jersey Woolie, Netherlands Dwarf
and our "Star" Continental Giant weighting 28 lbs!

We have several breeds of goat...
Mini Oberhasli, Pygmy, 
Alpine & Nubian

Sheep, Turtles, Ducks 
and MORE!
As Petunia has grown she's 
become way to big for the sofa (30lbs) and moved to the dog house.  She sometimes forgets, and insists 
she is a lapdog!
We have Potbelly Piglets for sale throughout the year.  Males $100  Females $200.00
Click for potbelly pig info!
  "Lumpy" our Zebu
The miniature zebu is a very rare, unique animal -Miniature zebu are thought to be the only TRUE miniature breed of cattle in existence.   Reports indicate there to be fewer than 1,500 registered foundation pure animals existing in the United States.  Miniature zebu range from 30" to 42" in height, and generally weigh between 200 and 500 pounds, depending on the size of the animal.  
Book early!!!
The best location for the petting zoo is a shady, grassy area.  
In the event of bad weather or you think you will need a area with shade, 
we can set up inside,the garage or any sheltered area.  
You can call the day before the party to arrange for us to bring 10X10 tent if it looks
 like it may be a rainy day (A charge of only $50).  We can also plan an indoor location with you.   
Just call us, we love to help you make plans, We can brain storm ideas together. 
(Garages make for a great set-up or even patios with-out carpeting)  
For indoor events, we place a large tarp with hay under the Petting Zoo for easy clean-up.   
We leave the places we visit, the way we found them - Clean!

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral 
progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated."   Mahatma Gandhi

Our pot belly pig
is part of the 
Large Zoo

See   Party Details Page    for  Prices.  Small Zoo, Large Zoo, Individual Animal Rental and Many Other Options Available.  
Also see our Party Price Page.   540-955-5636
"Smiles are contagious, so if you smile it makes the world a better place!"
- Breanne -

"Smile at everyone your smile will be passed on."
- unknown -

"Smile. Today is the day you worried about yesterday!"
- Brittany -

"Smile, it makes people wonder what you're thinking."
- Anon -

"A man who smiles when things go wrong knows who to blame."
-Anon -
Be Happy

Smile if you're sad.
Be happy when you're mad.
Think good when you only think bad.

When you're feeling blue,
Do something good about it
Don't think of bad things
Smile and remember the good things
For they take the blue away
And make you back to you
If in your heart, you don't feel you
Don't forget to throw out the bad
To replace it with all the good
Which that is what makes things change

Smile if you're sad.
Be happy when you're mad.
Think good when you only think bad.
- Joanna Michelle Wright -

It takes 26 muscles to smile, and 62 muscles to frown.
- Source Unknown -

Smile; it the second best thing one can do with one's lips.
- Source Unknown -

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person
- Denis Waitley -

I told my husband I wanted a Moose... He said "I want to move..."
Small Petting Zoo Photos, Please Click to Enlarge
Throughout the website there are some amazing photo's taken by  Photographer Vivian Kahl RUMOURed moments. Visit  RUMOURed moments on facbook to see more of her work.  Vivian has an incredible gift of capturing the perfect moments.  If you would like to book Vivian to take pictures that keep the memories of your special event please let us know when booking.  Vivians first job was working for Pony To Go  and I am so proud of the success she is having as a photographer. 
"I am an amateur photographer who works hard to catch kids and pets in their natural state. My life is full of beautiful moments and I have decided it is not fair to keep them to myself. You may buy prints or have your own shoot just send me a pm. I have done some senior photos, maternity, and lots and lots of pet and wild life pictures. I hope you enjoy my page as much as I do! Located around Winchester, Virginia."    VK
Large Petting Zoo Photos, Please Click to Enlarge
Exotic Zoo Photos, Please Click to Enlarge
We have Ball Python and Corn Snakes in our Exotic Zoo
Click here for more info!
See our 75lb Sulcata Tortoise
That can live up to 152 years!
Click here for more info!
Aladdin is a Dromedary Camel Click for more information!
A dromedary has one hump, long limbs and short hair. This animal originally comes from the hot deserts and the steppes of Arabia.
Aladdin has been the Mt. Vernon Camel for 4 years.  He has also appeared at several 
Geico events in the area.
"Rango" our bearded dragon click here for info on this wonderful pet 
"Chili" our Chincilla  click for more info!
"Dora" Blue and Gold Macaw's
are found in the Swamp and forest areas of South America.
Click here for more info!

Below are some of the photos from the fantastic events we have been invited to be part of.
The Gaylord Resort, Gibson Island Resort, The Baltimore Pet Expo, Thomas the take at B&O Railroad, World Vision ABC 7 & Fox 5 for and many more.  We also have built some wonderful friendships with many Preschools in the Nova DC areas.  Please consider us for Business Open Houses,  Restaurant Events, Company Outings, Nursing Home Events, Fairs, Fund Raisers, and any idea you have for your event...
we will help you make happen!
Lumpy our Zebu passed away at the age of 25 - He is dearly missed and made a lot of memories for families